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Authorities discover an increasing number of non-compliant products that are sold via different on-line platforms.


”The Market Surveillance Day” is organised every other year. It is a large workshop where inspectors, legal advisors and other staff who work with market surveillance meet to discuss topical issues in order to make market surveillance more efficient. The theme for this year’s event was control of products sold on-line.

The Board for Accreditation and Conformity Assessment informed of the fundamental principles and objectives of market surveillance, how coordination of the Swedish market surveillance is performed and of current legal initiatives at national and EU level.

The Work Environment Agency presented the results of its governmental assignment on how to improve market analyses in order to achieve a more effective control.

The Board of Housing, Building and Planning raised cases where companies make themselves unavailable and best ways to deal with such situations.

Customs and the Electrical Safety Agency gave examples on how cooperation on border controls could be performed.

The Medical Products Agency shared its experience on market surveillance of products sold on-line and the Work Environment Agency and the Chemical Agency presented the work in the Market Surveillance Council task force on e-commerce.

The Consumer Agency informed of the consumer law applicable on internet sales and the Electrical Safety Board underlined the need for increased information to consumers.

All presentations are available here (in Swedish only).

More than 100 representatives from the authorities of the Market Surveillance Council participated in the workshop.
The Medical Products Agency shares its experiences of market surveillance of products sold on-line.
There were plenty of possibilities for group discussions.
Published:31 May 2018, kl. 08:41 Last updated7 June 2018, kl. 07:54