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According to Regulations (2014:1039) on Market Surveillance, the Market Surveillance Council shall annually draw up a national market surveillance plan. The plan consists of joint and cross-border activities aiming at making market surveillance more efficient.

During 2016, focus have been on reaching out to small companies and start-ups who are not so familiar with applicable product legislation. This has partly been done in cooperation with the Enterprise Agency, the regional Chambers of Commerce and the Swedish Agency of Economic and Regional Growth. 

The more non-compliant products can be stopped before they are made available on the market the better. Limited experience and resources are, however, some obstacles to cooperation between market surveillance authorities and Swedish Customs. The efforts to improve such cooperation continue.

Unclear objectives and responsibilities as well as variations in powers between authorities are other obstacles to cooperation and efficiency. The Market Surveillance Council therefore welcomed the appointment of a Government Inquiry Commission to further investigate these issues.

To make as efficient use as possible of limited resources a lot of effort to improve market analyses and evaluations of conducted market surveillance was made, as well as on improving the exchange of information between the market surveillance authorities in the EU.

Read the report here.

Published:21 June 2017, kl. 07:46 Last updated21 June 2017, kl. 07:46